About Me

Tadhg Pearson

Software Engineer at Akamai

Professional Interests

Previously worked at Amadeus IT Group
Former student of Advanced Computing at Imperial College, London.


  • Designed and implemented a well-known travel API system
  • Performed API design and developer experience research with thousands of real users

Software Performance

  • Former recruit of Paul Kelly‘s Software Optimization Group
  • Worked on software performance analysis at IBM-Lotus DSL for 1 year
  • Worked on applications of DeepWeaver project at Imperial

Peer-to-Peer Networks

  • Did some research on the subject peer-to-peer networks under the supervision of Peter Pietzuch. We came up with some nice ideas for use of MDC on content distribution networks.
  • The result wasa loose review, with opinion Report | Presentation

Web Applications

  • Been part of some good ones in my time, but I’m particularly proud of RITA

RFID and Complex Events Processing

  • Two very cool technologies, particularly where they join

Personal Interests

Violining with Cambridge Symphony Orchesta

  • Former memeber of Orchestre Symphonique Azureen, IC Sinfonietta, ICSE, QUB Orchestra  and Donegal Youth Orchestra


Physics (yes… I know… but I do have a degree in it!)



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