We need tools to help programmers name things!

Phil Karlton’s statement

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

has been immortalized in programming literature from Martin Fowler to The Codeless Code, largely because it’s true.

Cache Invalidation is a well-understood problem. Students learn about it in college. Tools exist to help you figure out when to invalidate data in your cache. Naming things, on the other hand, is rarely touched by programming courses (exception to the rule), and help is hard to find beyond basic guidance in some blog posts or powerpoint presentations.

Even when naming is discussed, advice is usually limited to basic conventions of a language such as methods with certain names have certain expectations (getX, setX, equals, etc.) or the use of nouns and verbs. Discussion of the real issue – what are the best words to describe this new functionality to my audience – is shockingly rare.

It would be easy to give a hand-waving response to this question, like

Consider your audience. Writing code for a wide audience of programmers will limit you to using generally understood concepts and vocabulary. Writing specialist code for domain experts will allow you to use more precise and specialized words. What is the vocabulary that those interacting with your code are likely to understand?

Sure – this is great general advice, but it doesn’t help me with today’s problem of How do I call this variable that can contain a single date or a date range of up to 4 days?

This is a solvable general problem. Probably easier than cache invalidation.

I’m imagining a tool that’s something between Stack Overflow and Urban Dictionary. Programmers can submit words that they’ve used in their own applications, along with their meanings, and some examples of their usage in publicly available code or APIs.

Words could be ranked between general and specific, vague and precise, knowing that different words will occupy different parts of the spectrum. For example value is both general and vague, currency code is general and precise, Fare Basis is specific and precise. Developers should be able to vote words up or down depending on their experience with using them. The ideal result? A reusable corpus of defined names that programmers find useful, and a common vocabulary that would permeate a variety of programs across domains, languages and applications.

(Now I just need to find a few days to get time to code it!)


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